Trigger samples/audio tracks with external controller - velocity?


I looked everywhere but still no clear answer to this. From what I gathered it is (or was) not possible to record midi velocity triggers if playing an audio track (samples) on the octatrack via a midi controller. For example to play a drum beat expressively (with varying velocity) on midi velocity-sensitive drum pads. The octatrack does not record velocity information onto its sequencer on audio tracks? Is this the case or has this been updated?

I know that it does record on midi tracks but not sure if it does on audio tracks. I also heard people using a woraround: connect the midi out to the midi in in the octatrack and use a midi merger to also connect a midi controller (keyboard, pads, etc.) to record onto a midi tracks, that sends its recorded sequence (with midi velocity information recorded) onto the audio tracks. Has anyone done this sucessfully? Any videso or tutorials? What kind of midi merger used if so?

An additional related question: is it possible to play slices on an audio track with a midi keyboard/pads as well? Also I read that the audio tracks samples do respond to velocity, but simply that this is not recorded into the sequencer.

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No, the Octatrack does not recognize velocity from and external controller as volume information on the audio tracks.

You would need something like Midi Solutions Event Processor that would do some translation of velocity to a CC on the midi controller side.

Same goes for triggering slices externally, that is not something the OT really does.

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Haha I was copying that link :

I confirm for EPP, would work with any midi processor. Check RK002 too, there is a velocity mapping parameter too.
You have to map velo to Vol.

There’s no note off for audio tracks.
I also succeeded to mimic it sending a CC for Hold with 0 value when a note off is received.

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Thanks. That settles it then. I find it strange but oh well…

But…has anyone tried the midi out -> midi in direct connection workaround? I was thinking of using the midi solutions midi merger (for example) to send notes in from a keyboard and merge that with the midi out from OT to the midi in on the OT. Like this one could record midi data into the OT midi tracks (including velocity, use of arpegiattor, etc.), and then the recorded sequence would be sent within the OT from the midi track to an audio track. I think this could work, but can/has anyone tried it? It would be awesome if it worked.


Is there a max for live device that would assist in replicating this?

Don’t know for Max.

Yes this works with a merger.

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This is kind of off-topic but was trying the Midi In > Out arp trick this morning and it went pretty well. My biggest issue was adjusting the keyboard for the right octave. Had to put it on 5 (I guess b/c of C5-C7 range) I’m able to record arpeggiator sequences via a MIDI track. But this comment here

Blockquote then the recorded sequence would be sent within the OT from the midi track to an audio track

What’s the best way to do that? It’s recording on a MIDI (for example, track 1) but if I go over to the audio track the arp sequence isn’t duplicated. I don’t plan to really mess with the MIDI sequencer right now as I don’t have any external instruments but figured I’d ask. Would be nice to get that sequence over to an audio track so I can add filters/adjust the envelope, etc…Not sure if I’m really motivated to go down that rabbit hole yet though. :smiley:

To do what ?

How does the recorded MIDI track sequence get sent to the Audio track?

As you did apparently, with a midi cable. :slight_smile:

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I guess you missed that thread :
Auto channel midi mapping

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This is a long thread to read through. But can the OT now receive and record velocity sensitive notes from pad- and keyboard controllers?
Can’t remember if it already did it, and that I just couldn’t figure out how to do it :thinking:

I put you on the right discussion.

So: OT can record velocity on MIDI tracks.
On Audio tracks it’s a bit more complicated than that, you would have to redirect velocity to the CC corresponding to audio tracks volume, as far as I can understand.

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Aarh yeah okay, sounds like a pain.

A midi processor. Can even be used to record sample length.

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Just edited it