Triggered Transport (to play one step a time)

Hi i’d like use the gate of a signal to move one step of the sequencer not with a fixed tempo, as in normal play mode, but following an external/midi trigger. Id’ like to emulate the behaviour of Volca Bass, in example, when it receive single clock signal.
The use case is an external Kick drum note/gate that trigger a note of a BASS sequence on the Digitakt.
Is there any way to play a single step then stop?
Do i have to send 2 MIDI messages (“Start” when the impulse signal goes up and “Stop” when the signal goes down) to Digitakt? Or there is a dedicated MIDI msg to “Play next step”?

You are very much in the world of workarounds on this one… try your own suggestion to see if it has legs

Those sequencer modes are great btw