Triggering sounds by MIDI issue

If I trigger a sound using MIDI, the Trig setting seem to be ignored, so the synth, sample , envelope and LFO are all triggered whether they are set in the trig section or not. So my kits all sound wrong played by MIDI.
There must be something I’ve overlooked?

trig menu pertains to the sequencer - the lfo trig method in the lfo page is where the lfo will be enabled - in what way is it wrong ?

OK, so trig parameters aren’t save with a kit. So if I don’t want to hear the synth part i have to turn the volume down? Trig parameters are just for playing the kit rather than designing the sounds?

Its a shame the trig parameters can’t be changed with performance or scene mode, it would be useful for fills.

possibly - but if enabling the action of the lfo (somewhat as per trig menu) was a desirable target, then just asign the lfo level to a scene/performance - a little bit like toggling that option
in what way are the midi trigged kits sounding wrong ? does it differ from trigging via a pad ?

When triggering with MIDI, the only parameter on the trig page that affects the sound is the “Note” parameter. The sound is played as though all the trigs are on, so the synth and sample sound together, always (unless you actually turn their volume down)
When hitting a pad, or using the sequencer, all the trig parameters affect the sound, so if only the sample trig is on, I don’t hear the synth.

It seems like the trig page isn’t part of the kit -its a part of the project. Fair enough, but I don’t see why the trig settings are ignored when sounds are triggered by MIDI notes .

all the trig page toggles behave the same to me whether I use the midi input or pad !
I can disable syn / sample ‘play’ & env / lfo ‘retrigging’ and it all works as expected - it’s not part of the kit, but I don’t get what the ‘issue’ is or I don’t experience the same problem at any rate ?!

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I just worked out this is only happening when sending MIDI via overbridge - sending MIDI to the MIDI port is as expected, trig parameters are effective. So is there some setting I have wrong, or is this a quirk of OB?

and another difference I’ve noticed is that mutes work on MIDI sent with OB but not with MIDI sent via the MIDI port…

something to ask Elektron about probably

hey guys. just came across this also.
did you get any feedback from elektron?
is there any update?

when i try sending a sequence from daw to AR it totally glitches out. tracks with samples change pitch and some tracks dont sound at all. this happened while trying out a ableton live AR drum rack a kind dude shared on the forum. did not work out at all for me :stuck_out_tongue:

not sure about any difference between OB and regular MIDI input, haven’t tried.

But yeah can confirm that the TRIG page params are related to the sequencer. Trig params are stored inside each pattern - just is what it is.

So it sort of is logical that if you play a kit using MIDI note events, the machine would not take these trig settings into account - but @avantronica mentioned that they work? dunno.

Hence, yeah… think it’s best to design your kits so that they sound how you want em, e.g. turn down synth volume etc…

im not sure what is what when it comes to ob and elektron midi but right now i see it as you use the elektron sequencer/make the pattern on the machine with all the perks that comes with it, or simply trigger the pads via midi and not having the sequencer starting with the daw.
i know its requested to death (and not possible due to some stuff i know nothing about) but being able to send pattern via midi to daw would be awesome.

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well, you can change the TRIG-parameters from overbridge - if i’m not completely confused now.
so why would a sound (sequenced from ableton, controlled by the overbridge plugin) not sound the way we see it both on screen and rytm.

it’s just very very confusing.
i doubt as many people would be confused if it worked the other way round.

If there is indeed a difference between triggering sounds by midi, and triggering them through midi to OB, I recommend filling support tickets so we can get that addressed…