Triggering Syntakt pattern changes from Ableton

Hi All,

I’m trying to send program changes from Ableton clips to my Syntakt so that I can sync patterns on my various hardware.

I’ve tried to change patterns on the Syntakt via Overbridge and regular MIDI setup with little success. I am able to send MIDI to tracks and trigger instruments without any issues.

Overbridge manual suggests to send via midi channel 16 - however doesn’t yet include Syntakt in it’s documentation - I could be missing something here?

Syntakt manual says it’s possible to send a pgm change, but doesn’t state a channel to send on?

Has anyone out there got any further than me with this?!?

Send it on the auto channel, default is 14, i changed it to 16 in the setup page.

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Great thanks, this is my first Elektron device so I’m still a little unfamiliar - really appreciate the help!