Trigless locks affecting live play


Newbie here. The Analog Keys is my first Elektron product and I’m really loving the sound I can squeeze out of it. I’ve done a few patches and started to build some patterns to see how I can use it during a live gig.

One thing that puzzles me; and I haven’t been able to figure it out using the User Manual either.

Is it possible to have a trigless parameter lock affecting my sound even though I haven’t programmed a melody on the same track but rather playing it live (on the same track of course) from the keyboard?


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it shouldn’t be possible as the keyboard input overrides the info tagged to the parameter locks or sound locks, so you will only hear the current voice tone, not any variation of it locked within the sequencer which is ignored whilst you input from the keyboard

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Not being able to run the sequencer purely as a mod/control sequencer on a keyboard instrument seems like a pretty odd design decision, and a huge oversight.

Seems even more strange since this IS possible on the monomachine (if I remember correctly).

Ouch. That’s a major downside of this fantastic instrument. This would be my number one feature request - ahead of Overbridge and other features.
The AK would be an amazing live synth if this was possible. Some of us just don’t want to pre-program our melodies. And since there actually is a keyboard available… Oh well… This was in fact a big surprise that Elektron had overlooked it.

i doubt very much it’s an ‘oversight’ tbh, the (many) performance aspects are there to permit realtime ‘variations’ - and it makes sense when you think about the priority they give to played notes over sequenced notes - you could externally sequence the parameters or performance controls - it’s just not the way it is, i doubt very much that this will ever change !

Technically though, trigless locks are designed to affect an already playing note, so in theory they should be able to affect notes from an external input… and only be overridden when the actual control is in use… no?

I’d hoped you could use sound locks with notes played realtime- just change the sound wherever you put a trigger, regardless of whether a note is played during that step.
But alas…

Technically though, trigless locks are designed to affect an already playing note, so in theory they should be able to affect notes from an external input… and only be overridden when the actual control is in use… no?[/quote]
I do follow, but i guess even things that are achievable potentialy are not necessarily preferable in Elektron’s eyes. It’s obviously simpler to over-ride all sequencer locks during live play and it’s arguably preferable to be that way for many too. I can see the attraction of pre-programming locks, but i think whilst there’s no user setting available they made the right call tbh plus there may well be a valid reason why it has to be this way

Well, if I remember correctly, it is possible (but buggy) on the monomachine.

Whether it’s an oversight or the right decision is up to Elektron. It has killed my interest in getting an AK.

Still no way to do that? Or is there a workaround?

I am suprised that system 8 has that feature

You can try a neighbour track (OSC2=NEI).
You play on track 1, track 2 having a NEI osc2 and Trigless locks.


try programming that trigless trig , then starting the sequence, then manually pressing the trigless trig on the a4 sequencer in grid mode. I find this activates the modulation, its sorta fun

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Couldn’t make it work… have to read a little bit more about how you use Nei. And I will come back with some questions …

thanks for the tip!

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Nei is not a perfect solution.
The track 2 Nei track won’t behave as Track 1 trigless locks, but you can use trigless locks on filters.

Other imperfect workaround, but interesting enough to try it : play notes shortly and set a longer release. Trigless lock will affect the live played notes just after note off. This works with polyphony and Use Track Sounds too.

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Strange that this is not possible on the A4. On the Digitone it is working. It totally makes sense to me this way.

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Picked up a used AF mk2 less than a week ago and this is still one thing that bugs me. I might be able to live with it since the unit is such an awesome machine — but for use who like to perform live and hits those black and white thingies, this would be an awesome feature. I understand the limitations that a tone/voice needs to be retriggered for stuff to happen, but still. I’ve got some ideas that I’ll try in the coming days.

Using [NEI] could solve filter and effect trigs but not oscillator waveform, I guess.

When midi sequenced, microtimed p-locks can at least be used. Just can’t happen at the same time. When live playing keys, you’d need some super accurare timing, tho^^

If I remember correctly, you can hold down a p-locked trig on the AK and it’s parameters will override incoming midi. Kinda like having different macro buttons you can activate.

I guess Elektron thought similar and implemented it. :slight_smile:

Was there something in one of the updates that changed the behaviour? I am not sure if I understand what exactly you mean.

Idk. I just tried to look at it from the other side, like, it’s not strange that it’s not on the Analogs, but rather it’s great they brought that to the Digis. All the manuals have a little section about the thoughts behind that device, the intentions and a bit of how it came to be. Elektron seems to view their machines as a continuous process and it’s also a learning process for them, but you can’t get back to all your older releases and implement all the cool things you were able to develop. You know, things like possible hardware restrictions, simple bland business reasons and practical decisions, but actively trying to push the boundaries is something I really appreciate.

TL:DR I just thought it was really cool, that the Digis can do that.

collected features for their new Digi line and they