Trigless trig workaround on rytm mkII?

So I recently got an OT mk1 to accompany my rytm mk2, and have learned about trigless trigs (the ability to trigger envelopes and LFO’s without triggering your synth or sample). These are unavailable on the rytm, but I’ve been playing around and realized that if your LFO on the rytm is in trig mode, then you can retrigger that with a trigless lock. Has anyone found a way to retrigger envelopes in the same fashion?

Yeah the rytm includes trigless locks (lock trigs) but doesn’t include trigless trigs. Looking for a workaround for trigless trigs.

A trig with Synth and Sample off in Trig Menu?

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That’s what I was going to suggest

That wasn’t quite it. The Synth and Sample do have to be off but I completely blanked on the fact that Env and LFO have their own toggles in the trig page!! Thanks for the help everyone.


So AR lock trigs can be trigless trigs and trigless locks! :content:

head hurts… somebody explain

AR has 2 types of trigs, Note Trigs and Lock trigs (no synth, no sample trig).
Both can trigger parameter locks, Envelope or Lfo.

In fact, they are exactly the same : if you disable synth and sample trig in Trig page, a Note trig become a Lock trig, and vice versa.


In Octatrack, there are different types of trigs :
Trigs, trigging samples and lfos, fx envelopes, parameter locks
Trigless trigs, trigging lfos, fx envelopes, parameter locks
Trigless locks, trigging parameter locks
One Shot trigs are like trigs, but they are trigged only once.

And you can add trig conditions!


what are the most common uses for triggless trigs?

Ex : Trigger the enveloppe filter without triggering the Notes (synth or sample).

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one thing ive been doing is playing a note with a long decay, and then messing with the lfo with trigless trigs before the sample triggers again.


So would the trick to doing rythmic gates on AR be to parameter locking the depth of a square lfo in retrig mode?
I don’t have my AR yet, so can’t try it out for myself :slight_smile: