Trigless trig?

Hi there, I’m having a problem:
I made some nice long lasting bass sounds, lots of release. But when I record them (either on the recording mode or the grid mode), the notes heard after that are short. What should I do to have the same length of notes played as recorded? Thanx, dear MnM lovers.

did you used a midi keyboard? the yellow ones? that’s normal and the idea behind it. when you accidentally recorded a few of them, remove them manually. the green ones actually should not affect any note lengths, they are good to set parameter locks without trigger the sound.

Hey! Thanx for your answer. I don’t use a midi keyboard, I play directly on the MnM. I think I understand how the trigless trigs work now, but it has nothing to do with my problem! :wink:
When I just play a note without recording it, it has its right long sound, but when it gets recorded, the notes are short, no sustain, no release. How come?
Thanx again. T.

Check the settings on the amp page, the attack/hold/decay/release stuff?