Triplet delay time on M/S?

the manual says that the delay can only do straight or dotted time. Is there a workaround to get a triplet delay time? I’ve seen some posts for other elektron gear talking about triplets but thinking maybe its not possible on model samples?

Try setting it to multiples of 6.

thanks for that but my understanding is that multiples of 6 in elektron world are dotted eighth notes, not triplets. They almost sound the same but not quite.

What about note repeat, set to multiples of three?

Or microtiming, using 1/24ths, 1/48ths etc. Take the number of beats you want to spread the triplets over and that’s the number of 1/48ths that each triplet is:

1bt: 1/48th = 1/3bt (you’ll need note repeat or 2* speed)
2bt: 2/48ths = 1/24th = 2/3bt (ditto)
4bt: 4/48ths = 2/24th = 1 1/3bt = 1tr, 2tr+1/48th, 4tr-1/48th
8bt: 8/48ths = 2 2/3bt = 1tr, 3tr+1/24th, 7tr-1/24th

I’ve actually lost more time in the rytm LFO, but this one just opens up like a puzzle box

Actually there’s x2/3 available as a pattern/track speed in the page options, I don’t actually know that one yet, but there’s triplets built into it at that speed, I guess the beats on the four would come out as triplets when run against a regular x1 speed?

redacted because I’m totally wrong!

The thing I’m calling triplets, which I think is what the OP is asking, is three equally spaced steps in exactly in four, like 3/4 time overlaid 4/4. Microtiming and retrig both allow that, as with the mental arithmetic I shared, or retrig just has 1/3, 1/6 etc. as options. Whereas as you rightly point out the delay does dotted notes. Dotted notes don’t go three into four though, 3 dotted notes is 4+1/2 as each is 1+1/2

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Not quite.

yes thats what I’m talking about - actual triplets not dotted eighths. I have a triplet beat in a dub style and the delays arent working over it because they are straight. It needs a triplet delay.

from manual:
A 3/4X setting is useful when Model:Samples is playing alongside other instruments set to the same BPM, and you want Model:Samples to play triplets.

looks like retrig might work for triplets as a workaround - might try that. thanks for the tip

Changing pattern speed would strike me as the best way because then you’re just using trigs, no retrig or microtiming. If there’s 1.5X on the cycles that would double speed it, I imagine.

Dunno why I thought 2/3 was right, but there you go.

I’m pretty sure there’s no true triplet delay, it’s all multiple of eight

This is the diagram from the Cycles manual

Ok I’m totally wrong. Sorry everyone. But upon experimentation just now, I think 10, 21, and 42 work well for triplets. 42 isn’t perfect, but very close. Tested by turning on the metronome and placing an short percussive sound on the first step, setting the pattern to 2 bars, and adjusting the delay until the 4th repeat falls as close as possible to the first click of the second bar.

Sounds decently dubby…

A triplet would actually be 10.666666666 if we had that parameter resolution.

Just been experimenting with X3/2 and X3/4 but it always seemed to be in fours, unless it’s late and my ears deceive me - felt like the delay was locked to BPM rather than sequencer step,

I like slightly off delay numbers, 18 has recently appeared a couple of times for me

.6666 = 2/24th or 2/48th etc.

tbh I’ve heard ‘triplet’ used for dot notes, ‘true’ triplets and for notes like this, 123x567x which is just 3*1/16 then rest 1/16

I may have no idea what a triplet is, but at least I have a nice pattern to show for it.


I’ve just been playng with this and it’s totally the way for triplets,

But, I would give a bit of mind the microtiming because it allows a mixture, for example, spreading three notes over the first set of 8 1/16th then doing 1xx4xx7x on the second set, which I’m fond of

that is awesome. im going to try that out. dub sounds good with the delays slightly off anyway!

Would triplets be a 1/3 ratio? If so, wouldn’t it be somewhere between 48 and 64?

Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 3.08.03 PM

Really like this sound (linked video) and a ‘dub triplet’ google search landed me back here.

I think I’ve got close to it by experimentation and at 120 bpm on my model:cycles the delay time needs to be set to 24 … which, if I’m reading the table right, is dotted 1/8ths.

Am I on the right track ?

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I did a bit of a test and found that a value of around 43 sounded like a triplet to me.

My understanding is that if you took the value that equals a whole note and divide by 3 you get a triplet. If I’m reading things right then a value of 128 = whole note. 128/3=42.6666666…