Trouble Using Song Mode

I’m attempting to create a song on the Analog Four. I have read and reread the manual for this function. It’s not working for me. It doesn’t advance to the next pattern, just keeps playing A01. Do I have to create a chain first, or should I just be able to go right into creating a song? Any help will be appreciated. :notes:

Check whether the scale menu settings for pattern A01 are making it repeat INFinitely.

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All patterns set to 64/64, 1x, LEN64, CHNG off, and 1x. Also have one pattern that’s 32/32, with all other settings the same.

You just have to enter the song menu add the patterns then exit and press the edit song button… on the mk2 it turns red then it should play, pressing it again disables song mode


Thanks, I think I got it now.

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