Trouble with some routing Octa + Syntakt

Hello guys,

I’m facing a bit of an issue actually and was completely blocked with this one.
My problem :
I have a Syntakt and the Octa.
I’m using the input L/R from the syntakt to get the Octa audio thru Overbridge BUT I’m also using the Analog 1/2 output from the Syntakt to go inside my Octatrack to use the Octa fx on the syntakt.

The problem is : When I’m using Overbridge, my analog output from the Syntakt are bypassed.

What would be awesome is : Having my L/R analog out from Syntakt to go inside my Octatrack (and to avoid feedback loop, bypass from the L/R the analog input (Octa)) and hearing the Octa and the Syntakt mixed inside the Octa via Overbridge.

It sound complexe as I can’t express myself better, as my native language isn’t english, and also after multiple proofreading, I can’t simplify more.

Thanks in advance to anyone who read me, and thanks in advance for your help.


Wow, I read myself again and what a headach…

I just fix my problem after reading the manual (again) but at the good place.
If someone understand me in the first place and was interested, I just had to check the “Int to main” in the routing option.

Thanks guys, have a great day.


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