Truss and his octatrack

I just found this video. Anybody think they can decipher what he’s doing?


sample drum hits from his vermona.
putting trigs into the sequencer. p-locking different start points of the wav to sequence different hits.
playing around with various parameters.
live recording parameter changes e.g. amp env hold or release


Yep. I guess he made slices. 1 slice number per track.


probably. hard to judge from the distance :slight_smile:

Indeed, Truss is around London.
By ear, I’m pretty sure it’s slices. :smile:


i truss your ears


Truss Abbott


Oh what an atmosphere


About the pressing, wouldn’t each groove be a different length as the circles get progressively smaller? How do they stay in time?

The disc spins at 33 1/3 revolutions per minute, regardless where the locked groove is. The tempo of the loop must be 133 1/3 bpm so that each locked groove is 1 bar


I must have a thing for loops… I remember enjoying this article on CDM:


oops, I forgot how angular velocity works for a second there!

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Manual slicing. I do it all the time. Laborious but worth it. I have a similar project on my to do list, just haven’t got round to it yet. I wont be pressing to vinyl though!

Start points are much less precise, and it can be as long and laborious to work with start points. They are usefull as pre-slices, with an lfo, granular stuff…

It is a 45 RPM record, so the bpm should be 90 to support your explanation.

Those loops definitely sound like 133 to me…

Let me try again, he is playing a 45 rpm record, so it is not a 33 1/3 with 133.33 loops.
It might be a 133.33 bpm track on a 45 RPM, but it is not a 33 1/3 record…

My mistake. I assumed it was a 33 rpm vinyl

What about 135 bpm? (3x45)
Edit : apparently not.
So is it played at 33.33 rpm?

.9 How should material for loops (lock grooves) be prepared?

  • The tempo must be exactly 133 1/3 bpm in order to fit a 4/4 bar onto a 33 1/3 rpm loop - that is the loop must be 1,8 seconds long.
  • The tempo must be exactly 180 bpm in order to fit a 4/4 bar onto a 45 rpm loop - the loop must be 1 1/3 seconds long.

I made some locked grooves for a record I put out years ago. The loops I made were all 133.33 bpm for 33rpm play. Honestly if i ever make another record, i want to do that again. it’s a lot of fun. :cowboy_hat_face: