Trying to connect all my new hardware to my!

I recently have purchased enough gear for my first DAWless setup but being new to this world of music making I am confused on how to set it all up and what is needed to chain them together. What I want to do is to be able to separately sequence my two synths and my drum machine with the octatrack together to the same clock. I’m also interested in being able to alter one synth with the other synths MIDI information.

This is the gear I have:

Octatrack DPS-1
Behringer Deepmind 12 Keyboard Synth
Behringer Neutron Desktop
Roland TR-8

What would you recommend as the the best way to create a live setup for these machines? I just talked to a Sweetwater associate and I am still a little confused as I am more of visual person.


I would learn the basic functions of the machines solo for a while first and start reading the manuals + learn by doing and experimenting. It’s a big part of the fun of having hardware IMHO.

Good luck and enjoy the ride.


And I’m assuming you don’t have a mixer? If not, I hope one of those has an external input as the OT only has 4 inputs.

For midi, just go from midi out on the OT to the midi ins and thrus of the machines. Set the right channels and youre good.

That’s a bit too complicated of a question. Find out which boxes have midi thru…Not sure if the TR-8 does. If they all do, just plug them all in midi out to midi thru, into the next. For audio routing, maybe the one of the Behringer synths has audio thru, then you could run one of them thru the other stereo out-> to OT A/B…TR-8 stereo out-> to OT C/D… Read OT manual on MIDI set-up. Read manual for all the boxes on MIDI. Good luck

Interesting way to get your feet wet. I would take advantage of the Sweetwater rep. They’ll help you every step of the way.


i figured it out, i bought a mixer and midi splitter. thanks however