TT-606 Sample Pack w/ Rytm & OT sample chains

Now available for $7.99 intro price at

All 9 Cyclone Analogic TT-606 instruments recorded at various tune / tone / decay / snappy / timbre settings, and all at 3 to 4 different accent settings. 1900 samples total! Recorded with Universal Audio Apollo 8 with subtle Neve 88RS processing.

24 bit, 96khz .wav !

Bass Drum: 48 samples
Snare Drum: 48 samples
Low Tom: 48 samples
High Tom: 48 samples
Rim Shot: 48 samples
Hand Clap: 48 samples
Cymbal: 480 samples (yea, you read that right!)
Open High Hat: 844 samples (those 6 OH timbres really add up!)
Closed High Hat: 288 samples samples

Also includes:

Ableton Live DrumRack:
One massive multi-sampled drum rack. “Instrument select” for all instruments, and access to the various CH/OH/CY timbres all at once!

Teenage Engineering OP-1 DrumKit

Novation Circuit Kit

Elektron Analog Rytm Sample Chains: One 120 slice, full TT-606 kit chain, plus individual instrument chains:
BD: 60 slice
SD: 60 slice
LT: 60 slice
HT: 60 slice
RS: 60 slice
CP (Hand Clap): 60 slice
CY: Short – 60 slice. Long – 30 slice
OH: 30 slice
CH: 120 slice

Elektron Octatrack Sample Chains: One 128 slice, full TT-606 kit chain, plus individual instrument chains:
BD: 64 slice
SD: 64 slice
LT: 64 slice
HT: 64 slice
RS: 64 slice
CP (Hand Clap): 64 slice
CY: Short – 64 slice. Long – 32 slice
OH: 32 slice
CH: 128 slice


Nice thank you :kissing_heart:

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Good stuff in this pack! Don’t underestimate the 606!


Last call on the intro price.
Price will go up soon!

Awesome pack.
Love it on my AR!

Bought! Looking forward on using these for my future gigs :thup:

Bought too. I was not sure buying the TT (already have a lot of gear), so it’s an opportunity to have its sounds in my OT.
I have a TT Erzats now with OT abilities :slight_smile:

Thx for little price.

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Thanks for the intro price ! let’s dig now…

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like my Drumatix pack, this one was also migrated from Sellfy to PayHip.
All links are updated!

The TT606 sounds awesome. I just bought. Now I need to figure out how to use the Sample chains - for example, will I use them on every drum or just a select few…etc. I think it makes sense to have 64 step beats with some many round robin options available.

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Which Elektron are you planning to use the chains in?

OT? Rytm? M/S?

The RYTM. I am listening to the chains now. God, so cool. It sounds like there are 3-4 variations per pitch maybe? Is it safe to say that you first want to scroll through and find a pitch you like for each drum and then set the start and ends in that range?

So maybe, kicks 0-4, I would set 0-2, 3-4, 4-6, 6-8.

I just want subtle variation.

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Yea there’s a few ways to do it for sure.

FYI, The sequential variation in the individual instrument chains is mostly in the accent, which naturally distorted the TT-606 circuit.
So the first 12 hits are at no accent, then next 12 hits are at low accent, then next 12 hits are at low-mid accent, etc. etc.

Play around with them, I’m excited to hear what you do with them!
I always loved layering the CH/OH/CY with Rytm’s metallic machines to create some real interesting sounds.