"tuner" for external audio input?

probably obvious, but i can’t seem to find it.

is there a tuner to help monitor and tune external sources? ways to make sure that my thru machines, etc, are in tune?

I feel like it has to be right there and that somehow I’m just missing it

thank you in advance

TC Electronics Polytune, Boss TU2/3, Korg pitchblack…

…or if you don’t want a pedal, Korg makes a 19" racktuner.

i’m fairly sure there is no tuner, you could load a few reference pitches in some samples which are set to play without pitch interference - or use an accurately chosen single cycle wave to play a note on the OT - if u were desperate and had no samples i’m sure u could even reference against a comb filter with a bit of ring to it

hey thanks for the replies everyone!

@husc sorry if I didn’t make it too clear but I meant “built-in” to the octatrack.

a lot of my gear has one built in (acoustic guitar, guitar amp, bass pod xt live, etc) so I’m fairly surprised that in the octatrack, something that relies heavily on pitch, doesn’t have it. I will definitely plan on incorporating a piece of tuning gear into my chain…didn’t even think of that.


ah ok…thanks for clearing that up! those are all very good ideas…I feel like making a folder of samples of simple tones just to keep as reference, that should definitely work for now.

i really just have a few analog monos I think this would be most important for tuning, so no need to be ultra accurate. and i have no problem tuning by ear.

thanks again you two :+1: :joy:

so I made / loaded an A440 sin wave sample …works great! Not the best solution but great so far for basic tuning.

I have been thinking more about this though and here is how I think it could be implemented:



By pressing [TRACK] + [BANK] the incoming audio assigned to the the track will be be monitored by a tuner. The note will be displayed relative to the reference pitch that has been set for A . Note that the track must contain a Thru machine for this shortcut to work.


That’s fake, but I’d love to see something similar in the manual :wink:

Is there anywhere to specifically post suggestions? This would be an awesome feature I think, and probably would be extremely easy to implement.

i can’t imagine people will be queuing round the block for this one - did you try the resonant comb filter, between the existing flexibility of that and the option to load a single cycle wave i suspect they’ll put man-hours into other mods first, just my guess - but you can gather interest here and pitch your idea to support - you never know !!

well i mean by no means is it urgent or groundbreaking…but it’s one of those bread and butter things that could easily be implemented…i doubt it would take them long at all, not even man-hours. it’s such a simple thing to code, it a) wouldn’t take much space and b) would only go where there is nothing currently and c) serve people who use the OT as a mixer for live acts, specifically those with guitars/basses, with something that was great to use without having to listen/monitor anything.

This also allows for very accurate tone/semitones, reference pitches, etc.

something like this:

sure, the current ways work well. but this ensures 100% accuracy, the ability to tune on visual cues alone, etc.

just surprised it’s not already in it :confused:

definitely handy, you should just go ahead and ask, :slight_smile: - even just a bespoke reference tone generator could be useful