Tuning/Filter weirdness?

I’m having an issue with the Analog Four I acquired, It seems like the tunings and filter are different between tracks.

I have used the exact same sound / pattern for both two tracks. I tried recalibrating, which did nothing, and then a factory reset. Weirdly, the track that was off (Track 4) seems to match now, but instead Track 1 is off, by a major second. Maybe I didn’t notice 1 was off as well… Any ideas?

Thanks much!

Tried different kit? Probably macros are doing this

I used the “empty reset” on startup, which I assume would wipe those out. It seems right now they are all the same, but when I turned it off last night they weren’t…

Issues have come back again as I’ve been working on this track. All 4 tracks sound noticeably different when I clear the kit. Some are phasing with slightly different filters as well. I definitely don’t have any macros set.

I’ve created a ticket with Elektron… So far I’m 0 for 2 on Elektron gear.

The comment that a track was off by a major 3rd made me think that transpose might be on for the out of tune tracks.

Also the synth voices will drift a bit if analog drift is on and there will always be some slight variance due to them being individual analog circuits.

If it’s not those things or the tuning at the amp page and you’ve already done a calibration when the synth is warm then perhaps Elektron will know more.