Turn off timestretch as default setting on octatrack

I know how to turn off time stretch in the the audio editor, but: How do I turn off timestretch as the default setting for new samples on the octatrack?
It makes 99% of samples sound like garbage and therefore really screws up the flow whileperforming live, having to menu-dive into the audio editor to disable it for every new sample I load!

Make a default template project with them switched off and save that

That would work but the machine seems to turn timestretch on every time I load a new sample. I like to play one-shots during performance and then load new one-shots in their place

Unfortunately that doesn’t work for a song where I need to load lots of samples during the performance

You could just turn it off from the Src sub-menu, bit less diving.

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Yeah, was wishing there was some way to just turn it off entirely as I use it for literally nothing ever and it’s just an annoying thing I have to change all the time

You can turn it off in the playback/src setup. (Don’t forget to save the part). Then it’s off. Only auto setting will use the setting that is saved with the sample.

You can also save your samples with timestretch off, then the default setting would not change anything.

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