Tutorial/breakdown on how do make IDM using only the Digitakt

I’m making one of my tracks from scratch and explaining my process in this video. Thanks for the requests, everyone!

00:00 - Intro and demo
01:33 - Seting up reverb, delay and compressor
03:58 - Setting up the drums on track 1 (Overdrive, bit reduction, LFO)
06:48 - Making a simple drum pattern
09:27 - neat trick: boosting kicks with a HP filter
11:00 - Using LFO to make drums more snappy
11:57 - Making the drums retrigger when pressing the Fill button
13:48 - making the hihats
16:23 - Copying track 1 to track 3 and adding delay (and completing the drum pattern)
20:50 - Copying track 1 to track 4 and changing sample
23:09 - Setting up the bass on track 5
26:58 - Making the bassline
29:00 - Changing note length at random
30:55 - Setting up the pad on track 6
33:10 - Using lock trigs to change play direction on the pad
35:58 - Weird delay trick
38:34 - When to use the fill button

If you found this video helpful, it would help me out of you shared it with anyone who might be interested! Thanks for watching :slight_smile:


I always enjoy seeing other peoples work flow. I get so caught up doing my thang that I completely overlook some shortcuts. Thanks for the share.


Thanks for watching, @jdaddyaz =D

Very nice.
Although this is not my preferred style of music, I understand this is for demo purposes.
Very well done. Lots of tips and tricks (the delay one at 35:58 is top).
I like what you do with your DT :slight_smile:
Thank you :wink:

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Thanks, @vasidudu! I’m glad you found it interesting even if it’s not your cup of tea. I’ve been having a lot of fun exploring the Digitakt :smiley:

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This is exactly what I was looking for!! I just started exploring my Digitakt and was doubting this kind of music (my favorite) is possible with the Digitakt. Good to see it is!

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