Tutorials (Big Thanks)

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the people on the forum who are currently taking their precious time to post tutorial videos.

I have had most of my gear packed up for over 6 months due to family commitments (one child being a bit under weather, 2 other toddlers generally causing mayhem).

I not only find these videos fascinating, inspiring and unbelievably helpful but it is them that’s given me the passion and desire to get my kit back out on the table. I only have OT and Maschine left (with the recent addition of Tanzbär) but am now excited to get it all going again.

But anyway Thanks to those who make them. They are great and much appreciated. I am sure I speak for many forum members in this regard.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Write my name under the thank you list :slight_smile:
Thanks guys you help a lot!

A big thank you from me also!!!

Couldn’t agree more. I have nowhere to set my gear up at the moment but these videos are inspiring me to sort that situation out…so thanks from me too !


Any ideas for new tutorials guys? Areas that have not been covered or not covered well enough?

I think it would help a lot of newbies to see some tips and tricks from the MD and Mono, since they were both released before YouTube became ubiquitous and haven’t received as much in-depth video as the later black boxes. Things like trigless trigs, sound design, etc.

I put my ot thoughts file and the lfo speeds file on my profile page so they can be downloaded from this forum as well. (I am really missing a shared fles section here)

If anyone has some remarks or suggestions, I’ d be glad to know.


yes add me to the list of big thanks. I learned a lot here. Am really enjoying every ones contribution…cheers

Whoa, that’s weird. I’m in almost the same position. New business, new baby, and new home led to me downsizing the studio and having very little time to create with what I do have left, but I’ve been checking out lots of tutorials lately and feeling inspired too. Currently, organizing my re-entry into the game! So, a big thanks from me too!

How about some tutorials about how the deeper technical aspects work. I know a lot of you guys are programming wizards, but for a guy like me who has used mostly DAWs, some of this stuff is like reading Chinese (I don’t read Chinese). :wink:
Overviews what some of these things can be used for would be interesting:

  • Sysex section in the manual
  • MIDI cc messages with other gear (sure you can probably figure it out on your own, but a ‘how to’ video is always nice)
  • effective and more interesting ways of using User Waves (in the MnM specifically)
  • “Easter Egg” reveal video showing some of the undocumented features.
  • Cool and interesting ways to use Trigless trigs (MnM) and other esoteric ways to control the sounds.
    It would just be cool to see how more advanced users get the most out of some of the deeper aspects of these machines. Sometimes I feel like I’m missing out on something really amazing! Also, there is a shortage of tutorial videos for the MnM and MD, and another poster stated.

Good call, I like that idea. :slight_smile:

@FreeFall, here’s a fun Monomachine one. Takes about 5-10 minutes with a wave editor and gives you a whole new way of making waves. One of the people who commented said that this is actually the Phase Distortion synthesis method. So, now your Mono can do Phase Distortion synthesis too - who knew?

That is fantastic stuff! Thanks VEETS.
I actually remember watching that video months ago, before I got my MnM, but it just went down the ol’ memory hole, and didn’t really makes sense to me at the time. Now I get it.

Hi Veets and thanks again for your out-of-the-boundaries thinking! I love all of yours .
One quick and off-topic question: what is your method for drawing those sines?
I mean…is there an app that is comfy to use and precise in answering to your needings…!?
Thanks a lot

Hey guys - thanks and I will start a thread in the Mono forum about the details. The details are a little geeky and I don’t want to derail this thread since there are a lot of great tutorials out there from the people above as well as SecretMusic, Biologik, etc.! Kudos to all of those people, I have learned a lot from you all!