Two analogue synths for minimal dawless setup with Digitakt?

What two analogue synths would you choose for minimal techno-setup with Digitakt acting as a sequencer, mixer and drum-machine? Currently I am hooking Doepher Dark Energy mki and Pioneer Toraiz AS-1 to Digitakt, but lately I’ve been thinking of replacing AS-1 with other under $500 semi-modular synth, like Pittsburgh Lifeforms SV-1, Make Noise 0 coast, or something else (dont want to go full modular…). One option would be Begringer Model D, but frankly - I am not a big fan of its sounds… Korg MS-20 mini could also be interesting, however it’s a bit too chunky for small setup. Do you have any interesting interesting setup-examples or ideas?

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Analog 4 is very powerful.
An incredible little monosynth is the Dreadbox Typhon


+1 for A4 Digitakt combo


Dreadbox Hades re-issue
Dreadbox Erebus re-issue
Moog Minitaur
Analog Four


Analog 4 mk1.


Yes! Isn't the Analog Four the most incredible and deep instrument from Elektron so far? - #481 by Jeanne

4x analog synth + 4x sequencer in one. It’s awesome.

(Also patch flip!)


For whatever reason I really like using my Norand Mono with the Digitakt

+1 for the Analog 4 - brings a lot of power to the set up and easily integrates with Digitakt

The Dreadbox Erebus re-issues sounds amazing, but without CV patching is kinda meh

Moog Mother 32 is a great synth and has lots of semi-modularity. In the same waters is the Moog Sub-Harmonicon, which I personally prefer, but might be too weird for your setup

Bastl SoftPop 2 is the curveball im throwing in. Its semi-modular, and has lots of sonic pontential. Can do normal synth things, but can get real weird if you want it to. Its also really compact.


Moog Mother 32 + 0Coast for covering a lot of sonic territory and cross-patching fun, especially through the DT’s delay and reverb.

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Mother 32 has nothing on a MK1 A4 in my opinion. Need a lot of bolt-ons to make a M32 sound good.

Source: had M32 & Subharmonicon - sold for A4 Mk2 which I still have


Vermona Mono Lancet.


I currently use an Lifeforms SV-1b with my Digitakt + Digitone as a mono bass, but have used a Volca bass in the past. Both work great in this setup.

Downsides to the SV-1

  • Low availability
  • Single envelope for both amp and filter, you can get around this with other modules or sending mod (CC1) to the filter, but just something to keep in mind.
  • You will need to manually tune it every so often, although it’s quite stable.

Upsides to the SV-1

  • So many simultaneous oscillator types from the two oscillators
  • Great utility modules if you ever want to expand into more modular gear
  • Has multiple filter outputs as well

Downsides to the Volca bass

  • Limited control of amp and filter envelopes
  • Limited sequencer but not much of a problem using a DT
  • Can be a little noisy
  • Only square and saw oscillators available

Upsides to the Volca bass

  • Cheap, affordable, lightweight, portable and can be battery powered
  • 3 oscillators that can be tuned ±12 semitones independently
  • Can run 3 separate sequences on the 3 oscillators, but this needs to be on device
  • The EG can receive Midi CC messages for adjusting attack, decay/release, and cutoff eg int.

+1 for both A4mk1 and Mono. The A4 has huge depth and the Mono offers much immediate fun.

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Dreadbox Nymphes to have a 6 voice synth.
Then either the Bastl Softpop II, Make Noise 0-Coast, or Erica Synths Desktop Bassline DB-01


I have two A4’s, DFAM, Sub-harm, and M32 and there really is not a comparison to be made between the the A4 and the semi-modular moogs. Two totally different synths that are insanely powerful in very different ways. The M32 was included in the list because OP said they wanted semi-modular.

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My setup has a Digitakt sequencing a DFAM, Mother 32, O-Coast, and Nymphes, and Digitakt makes an incredible sequencer and effects for the setup.

0Coast and Nymphes are both 500$ and very easy to recommend…


get a used Analog 4 MK1. Heck I would even do that in the future as such a good synth! Maybe a used Dave Smith Tetra or Mopho? Always loved the sound of those old Dave Smith Sequential boxes.

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i managed to get a lot out of a digitakt and nord lead4 rack… it sounds great and i dont care if its analog / virtual analog …
technically you could have 4 x mono synths , some shared fx. you could configure independent outputs etc…
or swap for a virus synth . A/B/C etc… they sound good too… plus they have fx and ability to eq .
ignore the analog/digital nonsense and just focus on which could be very capable at wide range of useful sounds with patch storage.

analog 4 mk1 is also very good option… theyre quite cheap (£500 ish) and you could jam on one without turning any other gear on…
semi modulars are fine but if you consider the actual sounds you might want, (bass , blips etc) theyll probably be quite simple patches that can be achieved via generic modulation matrix available on nord/virus etc.
and midi cc sequencing could get you quite far instead of patch cables.


Virus b or c would be great. I love mine when I don’t try to use the broken ti software. Awesome sound!

I’m surprised nobody mentioned the Typhon. A beast on its own, and its input and FX coupled with DT resampling means a lot of fun and flexibility.
Depending whether VAs are in or not, a MicroMonsta 2 would complete the palette well with bread n butter and poly duties, and a nice growl with its great distortion and filters.

A good mono with killer FXs and a bi-timbral poly, all in a compact footprint. What else?


0 Coast and Strega.
The 0 Coast has massive MIDI Capabilities, also acting as a MIDI 2 CV converter for further using its modulators for strega. Add stack cables and enjoy the massive sound pallette and happy accidents

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