Two big issues - need to get information before selling AK

Hi… my Analog Keys shows two very weird behaviours.
I never got my head around the device though, so I just might miss something. OS is updated, a reset hasn’t helped. It’s one of the first models, I purchased it in April 2014. I use the Analog Keys only as polyphonic synthesizer.

Problem 1: Identic sound, sounds different on different tracks

This issue hasn’t been there from the start yet, and it was gone again after the first reset if I remember correctly, however it returned again. Anyway:
Say, I have the same patch on Track 1 and Track 2. They sound very different, mostly as if the filter setting was different. But I compared the two patches by always switching between Track 1 and Track 2, and at the same time checking all parameter settings in the display. All parameters are identic.

I even performed a “Clear Track Sound” on both tracks, but even the init sound shows this weird behaviour.

Problem 2: Switching from one patch to a certain other, there is some weird LFO stuff going on

I have created a row of patches throughout the last year. I am usually browsing them with the sound selection knob. There are some patches that have this weird behaviour once they are loaded - during the first few notes I can hear the sound being modulated like an LFO would do. After some notes are played, that LFO stuff is gone, and the sound is as it should be.

  • I hope to get some help here, as these issues are giving me grey hair, especially since I don’t really know the machine very well. It’s very complex and I simply don’t understand many things about it, though I tried my best.