Two different midi notes being sent on trig key press

Sequencing external gear with digitakt and noticed something odd using midi monitor. If ‘Output Channel’ is set to ‘Track Channel’ in midi settings, and you press a midi track trig key, two notes go out from the digitakt. One is note you set on the ‘Trig’ page (60 for example). The second is much lower, 36 in the 60 note example. Both are heard on the external gear. It doesn’t happen on sequencer steps with a pattern running.

I just noticed by chance that turning the ‘Trig Key Dest’ setting to ‘Int’ gets rid of the 2nd note. Can anyone explain this behavior to me? The manual doesn’t go into much detail on these two settings.

This settings determines if the trig keys send midi when pressed or not. On ‘Int’ the trig keys only trigger internal sounds, nothing send over midi.

I don’t have a DT, but those setting is similar on all Elektrons.

Can’t say why you get a second note, though, I’d think the trig keys would send the root note.

If you don’t want to control anything with the trig keys, just leave it set to ‘int’. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the response but that’s not exactly correct. Midi is still sent on trig key presses on the midi tracks. But only the root note set on the trig page. Not the weird lower double note.

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Ok, good to know. The manual doesn’t go into detail if the setting is only relevant for audio tracks or both audio and midi.