Two Octatracks & a Virus

Would like to know people’s thoughts / views on if there a way to use two octatracks to control the full 16 parts of the Virus MIDI?

Can it be done ? Would you need two virus’s ? Would love to know if anyone has this setup or if it just can’t be possible ?

why not just 1 OT? OT can control 16 midi tracks I thought.

It can control 8 max discrete channels from 16 !

If you want a solution to that problem, source a 16 track midi sequencer instead
Whilst it’s doable, you’d need a midi merge at the synth, just seems like total overkill tbh

Got it. how about the MDUW? I agree very rare circumstances needed to midi sequence 16 channels at once. venetian snares comes to mind though.

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the md could control sixteen channels at once but you would lose all other function of the md to do it. Plus the seq is much more basic than on the octa.

Couldn’t you just daisy chain the OTs and assign the midi channels of both OTs to control the Virus?

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Yeah, of course, that sounds like a possibility, but the Out from OTa goes to the In of OTb, so you end up with OTa data appearing at the OTb Thru only (whilst acting on the OT audio tracks perhaps) + The OTb Out only includes the OTb data - afaik there’s no merge in the OT :wink: You’d be no better off imho, except for added latency

True but you can disabled the internal tracks 1-8 on OTb from receiving any midi input and just have midi data run straight through the daisy chain. OTa can sequence trk 1-8 and OTb can sequence trk 9-16 on the Virus. This must be the case, right?

Yep, done that… 2x Octatracks and a Virus TI, my advice?

One Octatrack as Master (Send clock, sync), one Octatrack as slave.

Virus TI -> Sequencer Mode -> Press [Single] and [Multi] together.

Octatrack Master -> Track 09 > Midi 01 -> Virus 01

Octatrack Master -> Track 16 > Midi 08 -> Virus 08

Octatrack Slave -> Track 09 > Midi 09 -> Virus 09

Octatrack Slave -> Track 16 > Midi 16 -> Virus 16

Go Nuts

Well @Rusty seems to think so, I just don’t see how it’s possible without a Merge, unless the OT does this or has a soft thru (appearing at Out) as well as a real thru - or - I have something wrong conceptually

I thought MIDI data arriving at a device In was ONLY passed to the Thru and acted upon internally, there’s no passing straight to the Out (unless that occurred as a bi-product of those channels not being applicable internally somehow) … is this really what happens, I can’t test right now !?

So, if you send a midi note beyond the range of any internal OT function on an audio track will that midi note appear at the Out as well as the Thru (which is a definite) … i.e. If you conversely triggered an internal event, I can see that the OT may then output that data (but not like it was a merge or thru)

I just wouldn’t expect that this would play out as described despite the green light, but happy to learn different … I can sorta see that this is a possibility if the intermediate device can’t consume the data for certain channels :thup:

I’ve just checked this, I’m pretty sure I am correct.

The only data passing thru the Out port is the data which aligns with an existing MIDI Track channel ! Everything going in comes out the Thru, but the only note events appearing at the Out port were those on one of the 8 midi track channels, so that means only 8 midi channels max at the Out port, so you’d definitely need to merge ahead of the virus afaict

I tried both disabling Audio Midi channels and aligning, it makes no difference

Well @Rusty dosn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. Ignore him.


Sorry for the late reply but did we work out that this can actually be done?

Rusty says he has it working then Avantronica is saying it don’t! :musical_note:

Can anyone chime in on this please to confirm if it can or can’t be done?

If it can’t be done what are the other options? Cirklon? Something ideally to control at least 16 part, with cc control changes and Plocks would be nice.

^^ As above.

I’ve done it using a Ruin & Wesen MiniCommand (2 ins, 1 out) in between for reasons as running a custom firmware on the R&W… can’t recall if I’ve ever done it with OT->OT->Virus.

Trying to run 16 parts at once on the Virus, you may find you’re pushing it’s DSP limits depending on the complexity of the patches utilised.

+1 to that.

I own a Virus TI and even max out its voice limit by just using 5 tracks regularly. With 16 tracks at once, you only can use really simple programs, like 1-osc mono no effects simple.

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If i owned 2 OT’s id have very little need for a Virus.