Type Midi notes in Ableton and record the sequence in Digitakt

Hello everyone ,

I’ve been stuck for a bit on this particular issue and would greatly appreciate some assistance.

I primarily use Ableton , I just recently purchased the Digitakt and have set it up nicely in Ableton through Overbridge. I was able to use the Digitakt Vst and assign each of the 1 through 8 sample slots to an audio channel and it records flawlessly into Ableton

I’ve also been using the midi tracks to sequence Vst’s and my hardware synths which is not problem but using the Chromatic mode on the Digitakt is not the easiest way to come up with melodic content.

Is there a possibility for me to come up with a melody in Abeltons piano roll then take that midi information and record it in Digitakt so I can use the parameter locking features to make the melody more interesting ?

With the Digitakt Vst , anytime I try and play something in the piano roll for that channel , it only plays the 1st sample slot , going up and down the keyboard , its speeds the sample and slows it down- Im stuck on how I can control the midi channels through the Digitakt vst .

Thank you for your help and time

Create a separate midi track in Ableton Live. Select the Overbridge track as the MIDI output for that new track. You will then also be able to select which MIDI channel you want to send the new MIDI track to.

Repeat for as many tracks as you need to play the Digitakt.

You can also accomplish the same with a drum rack if you prefer. Use the external instrument to point the drum slots to the Overbridge plugin and required channel.

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If you are recording the midi into the digitakt remember you are recording into a step sequencer with a max of 64 events per pattern.

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Thanks guys, I opened up a new midi channel , went to the Midi to. tab and selected the Digitakt , I selected channels 1-8 and they all work when I play the midi keyboard, but once I get to midi channel 9 , no sound , but when I press the channel 9 button on the Digitakt sound does come out - Im not sure where to go from here, I appreciate you guys taking the time to answer my questions

Digitakt only has 8 channels of audio tracks. Track 9-16 are MIDI tracks only. They are meant for playing other instruments external to the Digitakt.

I apologize for the misunderstanding. - I’ll try to be more specific on what Im trying to do - I have digitakt set up through overbridge in Ableton . I’m using Digitakt to sequence different VST’s synths like Diva and Repro 5. Instead of having to play the midi notes in Digitakt or type in the triggers - is it possible to pencil in the midi notes in the Ableton piano roll then press record on the digitakt to record those midi notes so I can then use parameter locks to tweak the melody.

I’m much faster in the Ableton Piano roll then actually trying to play it on the digitakt.

I hope that makes sense , thanks again

Yep. Just route the track to the particular channel on the Digitakt like you did before.

Write your notes in the piano roll so it’s playing the Digitakt.

When it’s how you want it to be, hold record and press the play button to go into live record mode on the Digitakt.

These simpler Digitakt methods are also in the Manual. As boring as it seems you should read it from front to back while sitting with your Digitakt.

Once it’s done just mute the track in Ableton Live and let the recorded notes/trigs play on the Digitakt.

This is how I have it set up , when I play the midi keyboard I can’t hear anything but when MIDI TO tab from 1-8 - I can play the samples on the keyboard that are in the digitakt but when I put it on midi channel 9 I cannot hear the VST that is set up to that channel when I play the midi keyboard - if I press the actual button one the digitakt then I can hear the VST sound

So you’re trying to play from Ableton “through” the Digitakt MIDI channel back to Ableton to play the VST? Then record and play the notes that are being sent through to channel 9(for example) After you record to the Digitakt?

Just making sure I understand.

yes play from Ableton through the digitakt that plays the vst in Ableton - record the midi when it goes through the digitakt .

I don’t have a DT, but it should work with live recording on the Digitakt (Hold rec and press play). DT should record incoming midi. You can use autochannel or send on the correct midi channel of the track you’re trying to record into.

I’m not sure if there is a limitation or not on Overbridge sending MIDI “thru”. Not something I’ve tried. If you have a 5 pin din type MIDI interface you could try the Actual Thru port on the Digitakt into a different MIDI interface to your VST as well as the Digitakt MIDI channel. It may work as is too, there might just be a setting or something that needs to be done differently.

Maybe someone else can jump in here that has tried this. I don’t have time right at the moment to get my Digitakt out and try. I’ll definitely try it later though and see.

I think it has something to do with the settings in Digitakt - the top 1 through 8 channels work fine and I can play them on the midi keyboard but when I go into the midi channels there is either no sound and now its showing sound but there is some sort of glitch

Seems like you may have a MIDI loop happening there. From Ableton, through the Digitakt, back to Ableton, through the Digitakt etc…

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