Typos in manual's midi implementation?

Reading the manual at this URL: https://www.elektron.se/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Digitone-User-Manual_ENG.pdf

The three highlighted entries appear to be wrong by my empirical tests:

(all numbers decimal)

ALGO documented as 91, actually responds to 90
Ratio C documented as 92, actually responds to 91
Ratio A documented as 93, actually responds to 92

Is that link the most up-to-date manual?

Thanks! Hope that helps.

No, it isn’t. Here is the latest:

And the CC numbers got already corrected.


Haha. Thank you! I was living in a defective past. Not often the first result on google leads one so astray.

Thanks again.

I think there are still some wrong cc numbers in the newest manual. For example:
Portamento On isn’t CC 16.
And Delay Mix Volume isn’t CC 20. Reverb Send is also wrong.

Did anybody find the right CC numbers for these parameters?
I know this is an old thread but i’d love to get this working with my midi controller.

Does your midi controller start counting at 0 (like the midi spec does?)

Yes. The other other CC numbers work.