Ui firmware: 1.5 vs UI FIRMWARE: 1.8 - HOWTO UPDATE?


just got brand new Digitone. Updated it to 1.30a.
in test mode i see “UI FIRMWARE: 1.5”
OS 1.30a

at one of the threads here, i see that a forum member has “UI FIRMWARE: 1.8”.
(maybe it was a typo)

what is UI and how to update UI ?
which version of UI you have now ?

The display has its own controller with an own firmware. You don’t update it separately (there is no separate UI firmware available), but it will get updated automatically when you update the rest.

In very few occasions the update of the UI firmware can silently fail. If this is really the case, then try to re-apply the 1.30a update. If it still doesn’t change (and you are really sure it should be v1.8), contact Elektron support.


1.30a is the most up to date version. Here is the update page for the DN.

I saw the reference to 1.8 myself. I assume it’s a typo.

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do you use 1.30a and you also have 1.5 now ?

yes - that’s fine

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