Unable to adjust Track1 volume

Hi. Does anybody know how to fix this?Suddenly Track1 goes, no matter what, to zero.
Thanks! [Dropbox - IMG_2289.MOV - Simplify your life]

What is your MIDI in doing?

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May be a dumb question but does it still happen after a reboot?

  • Yes it still happens after reboot.
  • It is receiving midi clock and transport via midi in.

Are you 100% sure it doesn’t receive Control Change messages? Really look like external midi control stuff.
Same behavior without midi plugged in?

Oh yes. Of course it was some midi cc message. It stopped when I disconnected the midi in. Still, can you imagine how I can get around this? Now I need to get my tracks from Octatrack into Logic. I have a session with only audio tracks there. Do you have any idea how I filter this cc from Logic?



Problem solved. Thank you so much!