Unable to correctly upload SoundPaks to RYTM

Hello Elektronauts,

I am having this problem when i am uploading sound packs to my RYTM.

  1. i downloaded the freebee packs “drum enthusiast” and “new blood”
  2. i followed the C6 procedure as stated in the video and pdf instructions (read the manual as well)
  3. everything seemed to work as expected while the packs were being installed
  4. but when i go inside the project to look for new sounds in the sound browser menu, there are no new sounds, only the 32 the came with the rytm from factory.

i have read the manual, followed the instructions in the download instructions and elektron video verbatim, and i have searched (more or less) the forum and google to find a solution.

does anybody have a solution or trick to help me with this?

always grateful

Drum enthusiast is for A4 - the samples included are uploadable to the Rytm, but you’d have to make sounds with these samples yourself

I can’t recall if New Blood comes with separate Sounds or whether the sounds are baked into the Kits linked to the Patterns

Look for Patterns, then see which sounds are utilised by the linked Kits - save the ones you like

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thanks avantronica. that makes sense!

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