Unable to open Digitakt machine

Excuse me, 6/12, 2019

Enter the Elektron software using a PC.
Install the following SYX files to the Digitakt machine.


Unable to open Digitakt machine

you only need to install just the Digitakt OS to the Digitakt. All of the others may break the machine.

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Is the whole machine damaged now because other SYX software is installed?

Excuse me, can I save my equipment if I send it to the factory?

The above question, how much does the Digitakt machine have to be repaired?

Are you able to access the startup menu? (To access this menu, hold down the [FUNC] key while powering up the Digitakt. From here you can perform variety of tasks. To choose the different alternatives, press the corresponding [TRIG] key.)

If so, you can try to install the latest DIGITAKT OS

If its not working you can register your Digitakt on elektron.se and open a support ticket.

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I would suggest you to do a factory reset as well. Then reinstall only the Digiktakt firmware.