Unable to preview Sounds

I seem to have lost the ability to preview most sounds. I can preview Samples just fine but when I try to load a sound through the Sound Browser or Sound Manager I can’t preview any sounds most of the time. This was working previously. Once I load a sound it plays fine but I can’t preview it before hand. I’ve tried using a new Project, older Projects, new Kits and older Kits – the results are the same. Yes, I know the sound type restricts the slots it can be loaded into. That’s not the issue.

Any ideas what I might be overlooking?

Example: I select the BD1 track. I use Sound Browser to select a fully analog kick Sound from Factory Bank A. I hear nothing when pressing pad 1 until I actually load the sound. I get the same results if I select an analog, sampled or combo Sound I saved previously to a bank. Every 10th Sound or so might allow me to preview it. I don’t recall this being a problem until recently.

Sounds very much like the issues I’m having with sound browser previews. topics/view/8394

However the issue I’m having only applies to sounds on the +Drive that uses samples.

I looked at your previous post and I think that must be exactly what the problem is. If a sound is saved with a sample in slot 75 and the sound is loaded in another project without a sample in slot 75 there will be no preview with the sample for that sound.

This makes sound browsing is pretty much useless for sampled sounds.

I’ve also noticed that if the current sound has synthesis turned off and a synth-only sample is previewed no sound will be heard for it either. One would think the sound would contain all of the parameters and a full sample path - not just some of the parameters and a sample slot ID.