Unable to track audio from ms-20 to analog 4 MK2 via cv function

I’ve tried connecting my Korg ms-20 via cv to the analog 4 MK2 in the exact same process as Mr. Dataline (elektron) tutorial video featured on his bandcamp (via. trigger to cv/gate “A” into ms-20 “trig in” and Hz/octave to cv/gate “B” into ms-20 “VCO 1 + 2 cv in”) and back from the signal out (ms-20 audio) into the “Ext in” of the analog 4 mk2. I’ve tried experimenting with all the cv features and going through all the provided cv functions and I am unable to track any sound at all into the analog 4 cv track. I’ve only just purchased/ received these pieces of hardware brand new a couple of days ago. I continuously tried muting and unmuting the cv track as well as even factory resetting the hardware and still no luck. Still unable to retrieve any sound from the ms-20 whatsoever. The ms-20 plays fine as a stand alone when plugged straight into my audio interface.
If you have any advice as to something I’m clearly missing or to solve my problem please do so.

you have to place a trig on the fx track (you know, where you turn in the volume for the inputs)

this should work

Hmm I tried it but still no luck. Just to update on the situation I’ve actually plugged my headphone jack into the ms-20 and it appears that the cv signal from the analog 4 is triggering through which is good. I guess the only remaining problem is actually hearing the audio signal through the analog 4 mk2? Is there something in the settings I’m forgetting?

did you use the correct inputs

You probably need to turn up the input volume for the line in jacks to hear the MS-20 output. This is done using the Ext In controls on the FX track.

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You shouldn’t need that, it’s not like the OT

to OP
have a browse through the many older threads on this
here’s one

ensure you have a Gate set as S-Trig and pitch as Hz/V and use the correct inputs at the right of the ms patchbay

see here for starter settings

also, as mentioned, be sure to raise the levels of the input(s) on the FX track, no need to trig though (if like MKi)