Unable to transfer files from Digitakt to Windows

I downloaded the latest version of Transfer (v. 1.1.0) and I’m running v. 1.04 on my Digitakt.

I’ve been attempting to transfer samples from Digitakt to my computer (not the other way around) but the Explorer page is never available in Transfer. The only available pages, when Transfer will actually connect, are Drop and Connections. When connecting the Digitakt, I’m making sure that both the MIDI In and MIDI Out options are set to Digitakt, and there are no other MIDI devices or programs running in the background.

The samples were originally sent to the Digitakt via Transfer, resampled/mangled in Digitakt, and now I’d like to transfer them back to Windows to use in my DAW (I realize that I’ll be able to use Overbridge to run Digitakt as a plug-in in my DAW, whenever it becomes available, but for the time being I want to load the samples into my DAW to work with). I’m unaware of any other options for transferring the samples back to my computer.

Why is the Explorer page not available?

You need to update your digitakt, pulling sample from the digitakt requires a newer firmware than 1.04.

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