Uncanny Valley — Free Sound Pack for Digitone

These drum machine-like sounds will strike you as being uncannily true to some of the analog, digital and rompler gear that inspired them. Sure, they do what they’re supposed to do – kick, snap, tick and so on – but their physicality, timbral quality, and presence is something quite out of the ordinary. There are some pretty unique pitched percussive sounds too: just check out that bedpan, whistle or gong sound. Expect waves of pleasure, ripples of joy and eddies of excitement. 64 Sounds, crafted by [Simon Mattisson](http://auvrel.bandcamp.com/), including 12 kicks, 13 snares, 11 hihats, 4 cymbals, 4 rimshots, 3 claves, 8 claps, and 9 miscellaneous percussions. [Download for free at Elektron.se](https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/uncanny-valley/)

Thank you Elektron and Simon.


So these are just samples and compatible with other elektron gear that accepts wavs also?

Or does the DN benefit more from this pack.

I have both the DN & RYTM but rather import this sound pack in RYTM to free up more DN tracks.

These are patches for the Digitone, no samples. They can’t be loaded to any other machine.


They’re not samples. Digitone FM synth patches.


Wait oh yeah sorry, forgot the DN doesn’t accept samples (wav files).

Thanks for clearing that up for me.


Ace! Getting some amazing sound presets lately. This and the RYTM bass pack changes everything around - Digitone becomes the drum machine and RYTM the monosynth.



Excellent and free, doesn’t get much better than that.

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Didn’t even realize this pack was free until @finalform mentioned it.

Wanted to say thanks.

And also a thanks to Simon Mattisson for putting in the work. :facepunch:

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which pack is that? just checked but didn’t see any specific bass pack

Its stunningly good.


Sweet, thank you!

purchased. thank you!

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I like the artwork Elektron releases with these soundpacks. For some reason I really like the RTFM art.


Nice to see more percussive patches.
Been meaning to give the “sound locks” feature a workout!


Wooo! Thanks! :bowing_man: :loopy:

Just wanted to say thanks Elektron. And thanks Simon, much appreciated…

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So rytm bass pack, DN drums + poly sounds and the remaining rytm voices for samples? Sounds good to me and like a fun new approach for my AR/DN/AH combo rig…

Big up for the soundpack! Appreciated


Wow, this drum pack is so well made, awesome work Elektron (and @Ess that, as far as I understand, is the designer behind it)!