Uncle dreammer wants to play in a bar

Hello forumfriends.

I have been working on a live-set, which is to be played somewhere in the future…
instead of sharing all parts of it in seperate topics.

it might be a better idea just to put it in its own thread… easier to keep track… and more fun to discuss the whole ongoing progress.

Up till now… I filled every bank of my machinedrum-uw with a bunch of patterns which i can jam into a song…
easy playable music… so i have hands free/time to spare to incoorporate my octatrack…

but until I am ready programing/writing on my machinedrum… the octatrack stays upstairs… previous experiences tought me… that if i sit down with multiple machines… I create elaborate schemes / interestings ways of working with my gear… but the end result is almost impossible for me to remember how to do all tricks in a busy place like a club/bar/festival…

So i rather keep it fun and easy… it be a better experience for me and the public.

Anyways. part 3 in my quest to stage domination.

the other 2 parts are :
The kitchenSession http://www.elektronauts.com/t/jamming-with-my-machinedrum-on-kitchen-table/3889/32607
the livingroomSession http://www.elektronauts.com/t/machinedrum-hardhouse-in-the-livingroom/4079/34065

Enjoy everybody… and yes… if you wonder how or what or why… just pull my hair.
and i will try to explain the logic behind the choices i made. or how many patterns i used… or why the samples etc etc

Session 4 in my quest for the stage…
nice and comfortable jam infront of the fireplace with my machinedrum.
playing with the ideas of tonight.

Almost complete having an idea on each bank.
not sure yet if i will try to fit 2 ideas in 1 bank.
or connect the octatrack and play with samples…

Also not sure if I will trigger all patterns myself.
or with songmode… or via notes on the octatrack.
I will see what works out best when the time comes.

hey brother awesome that you’re doing this. connecting with an audience is sublimity and the md has the depth & power. looking fwd to news :+1:

Yes, very curious to it all. been on stage a few times… but never just me with all eyes focused on me expecting fresh new stuff they never heard before… should be fun

Session 5 : A technosession infront of fire…

Techno, with nice synthie sounds…

Its the fifth one in the series… that means 3 to go in the original plan.
but still giving thought to the idea of putting 16 jams into the machinedrum. That will give me the option of skipping things if the audience doesnt like it, and still be able to fill 30/45 minutes.

Still have not attached the octatrack in the whole thing. focussing on my machinedrum really is showing its benefits… gives me time/room to make most patterns uniform (kick is always track 1… send kick always track6… basssound always track 11… synth always track 10)

And this might be a nice tip for you all… I usually had troubles leveling/balancing the mix… because pattern1 is louder then the other. or pattern2 is bassier… whatever… Since i just have machinedrum plugged into my little zoom q3hd … i can use its db-meter to level out all patterns so they atleast same volume … doesnt have an analyzer… so i cant “even out the bass” but then again… i hope this just translates into “phat and less phat” songs when i am out there… to give the audience some breathing room between parts with really heavy kicks…

I will see how things progress.

OH… and before i forgot… here is a shortcut key, that never came to my eye reading the manual… when i press FUNCTION and some parameter on my machinedrum… lets say filter-width… it instantly works on ALL channels… instead of just that channel… which well. can sound groovy in some cases… I dont think i would have noticed this if i had my octatrack and machinedrum together from the start.

Session 6: Techno house kinda vibe…

hooray, another step in the right direction…

Cool clubby stuff, especially liked #5. Glad it’s coming along!

Yeah Func + Tweak is great for quick overall changes on a pattern. For the filter sweeps you mention, crank the Q a little bit first for added bite.

Depending on how you want to perform (and how much ROM you’ve got left in your samplebank) you might check the old forum and/or the MD Tips & Tricks document for the RAM machines transition trick … nice for keeping a vibe going if you don’t want to mess with composing dedicated transitional patterns.

I think it was 1 of the sessions in a seperate topic (i think the second) where i did use the ram machines to give me alternate fills…
but dont have that much ram left… it worked… it gave me a cool bitcrushing effect… but it was far from clear/crispy and very highvolume.
so i had to filter it to make it work… So if my ram doesnt clog up some where… i might keep the trick… but transitions… i think i will keep that part in the octatrack.
and I agree with the filter-q . it does make things fizz a bit more… but not as much as for example i can on my other samplers.
I bet its the sample-fodder i put in… if i figure out how to get the sound i want out of it… in 1 go… i will share that knowledge.
my guess at the moment, is samples with less bottom-end… so it doesnt drown out my kicks… and big mid and high freqs… so you can boost the crap out of it and get that really squeeky stuff i like…
next on my list, will be a little booklet, to write my pattern info in… heh… i am getting so old… that all these patterns at once, confuse me a bit. challenging. but hmm… cant remember the last time i had to remember so much info in 1 go… thats why i like those controll8 machines… atleast i got some tool to keep all happy buttons that make things jippie… together…

Okay, so at first I thought this was just going to be another ‘standard’ MD jam video… sigh

but damn this stuff is infectious :))) keep posting! It’s getting better with each post- you always manage to tame it into something bouncy. Thanks for sharing

Glad to be a surprise :slight_smile:

and yes, i hope its bouncy… if it doesnt groove and move… i be staring at a bar full of angry people who have to listen to me for about 45minutes / hour … that be a long time if I suck royally :slight_smile:

Nope, still got some patterns to write… and an octatrack to fill up with samples and all that… work a bit on some transistion trickery… and i still have to decide what i will send seperated from the rest to my octatrack… i think it will be kick and snare + 1 hihat track.

so i think there will be about 12 more little jams before i get to that point.
and i am a bit curious what other stuff i discover on my machinedrum by using it so intensivly.

Session 7: Heavy House after the fire

Hooray :slight_smile: I started with the next batch of ideas.
this time, its not the first pattern in a bank. but the 9th pattern.
which basicly means. that by the time i finish the 16th song
all pattern-space will be used up. :slight_smile: but i will have about 1hour of material in it at that time… No new tips to share… except:
keep a booklet or something with your pattern ideas… and what is what.
i am afraid i will have to spend some time figuring out what is what.
good thing i had a schematic/protocol on where i wanted each pattern
kept it seperated per bank from start.


I only listened to part 7, I will get back to the others when I have more time. The sounds on this are amazing. Well done man… nice dark, pumpin & trippy.

Session 8: The technosession in my chair…

Groovy technohouse… while my set is taking form… i kinda figure the last songideas will be a bit more darker… makes a nice change… from sunrise to sundown so to speak.

Very nicely done dude :slight_smile:

Great stuff! You definitely have the skills to go on stage with your MD!

Thank you for the kind words…

Its the next session. Not 100% sure on how this will fit in the set yet…
but i wanted to have the bare minimum done… so i could go to the next
without leaving “half an idea” somewhere in my machine… (so i have less administration to keep track off) . After i am finished with all… I clean up machine… so it only contains data i need/use… and use the free space for little bits I might need (fills and stuff).

anyways… for your viewing pleasure… 6 minutes of the next idea:

Forum friends… the next step on my quest for the stage…