Underpass - the missing record button for Model:Samples

Hi there. The workflow of recording samples on a PC, and downloading them to the Model:Samples with the Transfer app felt a little cumbersome to me. So I put together a little web app.

It’s pretty rudimentary. Press record to start recording. Press stop and the sample appears in the inbox/ folder of the Model:Samples. You can sample from any audio device on the host. This means you an also resample the USB audio output of the Model:Samples without loss of quality.

With a little tongue-in-cheek, I’m calling this little experiment underpass. You can test the app here. No warranties/use at your own risk. Code is on GitHub under a GPL3 license.

You need a browser supporting WebRTC, WebAudio and WebMidi for this to work. I’ve tested on Win10 with Chrome. iOS will not work, unless Apple decides to support these standards.

Best, Markus


Hi, thx 4 da work, so they definitly can put the sampling by usb on this device :thinking:

Pleasure. To my understanding, the M:S is an USB client device only. To record other sources, you have to be a USB host.

okay, it’s technical, shame on me, i was begining to dream about a new feature :skull_and_crossbones:

Can you do us a little video to see how it works before trying it, thx

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