Undo Clear Pattern not working?


I have now lost several sketches because I clear the pattern with Function + Play when meaning to clear the track. (sometimes I miss the fact that it’s in play vs grid mode.)

Anyway, no problem, right? I’m supposed to be able to repeat the very same button combo and restore my just-cleared pattern. At least that’s what the manual says.

However when I repeat Function+Clear I just see “Clear Pattern” pop up again on the screen. Though it almost looks like “undo” is behind it, yet nothing is undone.

I am really close to returning this machine owing to this frustrating problem. Am I missing something??

I’ve had several elektron machines before and repeating the clear operation always seems to reverse the clear operation. What gives?

Not sure exactly what the conditions of undo/erase are but I’d advise you to save pattern regularly (yes and pattern combo) as you go along and then re load at any point.

Not sure returning the unit is reasonable considering it could be avoided if you didn’t erase the pattern yourself in the first place. :+1:

Me too, never been able to perform a successful undo on A4.
Learning to save regularly is a good practice, but cannot be considered a solution to the problem.

you have to do it before the pattern restarts !!! - so mostly it’s a no-go for shorter patterns, who knows why it is this way, especially as screen persists in saying Undo Possible when it isn’t !

must be a bug that’s nontrivial to fix…

Saving can’t be a solution to a possible bug but it is a solution (part time at least) if your prone to accidentally erasing pattern’s…
Undo does seem a bit flakey tho.

I returned it from where I got it. It was used, and I’ve experienced a couple other bits of odd behavior with it, and it smelled of cigarette smoke. I will pick up another one some day perhaps, but for now I don’t really need it. (I also just got Volca Keys/Bass and a SparkLE - more than enough toys for now.)

I am pretty savvy with electronics, I just kind of expected the undo to work. I did accidentally clear a few times intending to clear a track and not paying attention to my record LED.

I became more cautious about it after loosing a few cool patters.

:+1: inexplicably, the undo is working for me now ! even after the pattern restarts !! very very very odd, i deduced through trial and error that the undo had to be made before the pattern restarted, now it seems to work in all play/rec modes even after a long delay - there must be a subtle difference which i am not recreating !

inconsistency is worse, will try to get to the bottom of this …

I’ve figured out how to duplicate: this only happens when you’re sync’d externally. I know because I just lost work :frowning:

If the A4 is not sync’d to an external clock, it seems like undo works as expected. Grrr.

I still need to update to the latest OS, hopefully this is fixed.

Edit: sure enough, the bug fix for this is in the changelog.

Infact this has been discussed already…clock fluctuations are read as changes, so the Undo is constantly (at baud rate) re-buffered, so no good option to Clock Sync Elektrons…better to set the clock manually…

This is valid, for me, while in Studio and designing, since I can lose work.
But then when it’s time to Rec, i change a global slot (identical to the previous, except the clock sync behavior).

And i have fun with one global bpm knob and kit reloading