Undo? - Clear Pattern

I accidentally discovered the Clear Pattern function :joy:


the manual suggests you repeat the button press to undo the action again but it didn’t seem to work. Anyone else finding this?

Copy, clear and paste commands are available in a lot of contexts. A copy operation is performed by pressing [FUNCTION] + [REC]. A paste operation is performed by pressing [FUNCTION] + [STOP]. A clear operation is performed by pressing [FUNCTION] + [PLAY]. Paste and clear operations can be undone by repeating the but- ton press combination. See the different sections in the manual for more information on when these commands are applicable.

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The functionality is working ok when I’m testing it now. It would be good to know the structure of the UNDO functionality.

I’m guessing what I did was do something between clearing the pattern and attempting the Undo which invalidates the ability to undo. Obviously there has to come a point where this is inevitable… I didn’t actually add any trigs or try and edit the newly clearly pattern though. Would be interesting to know what user actions clear that ‘ability to undo’ flag.

In my experience, touching anything in between unables undo.

Also be aware that if rec is active the whole track is cleared, not only pattern.

Im pretty sure all I did between clearing and attempting to undo was hit play and stop a few times, that hasn’t affected the ability to undo in further tests. Oh well I’ll watch out for it and put this one down to user error!

I actually discovered clear pattern by seeing if I could hold a prepared mute preselection after pressing stop then start again, oops :slight_smile:

I’ve done the same a couple of times. Where I seem to go wrong is that I put the rytm into record mode and start playing the pads. I then don’t like one of the hits always the last one track I was working on, completely forget that I’m in record and wipe everything. Unfortunately undo does not seem to work in that situation.

Personally I’d rather a smart undo, where in record mode the track of the last hit pad is the only one that is cleared. It could be an option in one of the setup menus.

At the moment I have a feeling that lack of undo in record mode may be a bug but I haven’t tested it.

Remember if the machine is clock slaved, then you will not able to undo at all…since the microtiming variation in the clock signal already creates a change…

I hope this will be addressed somehow in the future,

The only workaround is to manually match the tempo without slaving.


just reading that this is on the AR section…im getting confused ahahhaha

I was referring to A4…but maybe this can apply to AR too

Copy Paste & clear of pages is not working for me. I have 4 pages, the first 2 & 4th are correct but I want to copy page 1 to 3. At the moment 3 is very differnt pattern from the last beat I was making.

So I am in grid mode, I press page 1 then hold the page button & press REC (copy). Screen displays the copy message.

I press Page button twice to select page 3. I press Page & STOP (Paste). Paste Page message is displayed.

But page 3 remains the same! Is there a setting that has locked it or something? I just can not get copy & past to work.


(using latest software)

I noticed the same thing. Clear Page does not work. I understand that’s a bug

Thats a pretty big bug!