Undocumented Hardware Changes in MKI production

I’ve been borrowing a friend’s Rytm MKI - need to give it back so got another.
Noticing the pads are different - my friend’s has smooth/rounded feeling edges (along the whole perimeter of each pad the angle from horizontal to vertical is rounded - not talking about the “corners” of the pads). On mine this angle is sharp and not rounded. Also there is less space between the pads and the enclosure.
A strange thing too, the colors are different on the one I just received - the chromatic especially (looks like a sickly green rather than a nice light blue).

I’m wondering if anyone else has ever noticed this, or has any info on when these hardware changes happened, and thought I’d make this a general thread for undocumented hardware changes as well.

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There’s also a quite noticeable difference in sounds after transferring my projects over - it’s possible that one or both machines need calibrating, but one seems overall a bit cleaner in the low mids. A good example of an extreme difference is the hh decay on one needs to be 7 or 8 notches higher to match the decay on the other. I’d expect maybe 1, 2, maybe even 3 or 4 of an offset, but that seems extreme. Any comments, similar experiences etc, all welcome :slight_smile:

Do you have fx on the HH track? And are they set the same on both AR’s?
Also look for a difference in compressor settings on each.

Thanks for this reply - this was a complete project sysex dump so all settings are exactly the same on both machines (no samples involved here) and both machines running the same os