Unintentional gate-like effect randomly occuri

I am having a problem with the Octatrak: basically, after a pattern has been playing for a while (sometimes right away, sometimes after several minutes) what seems like a gate effect will assert itself, creating a staccato-like effect where the signal cuts in and out . Sounds like a pattern gate or something.

I have pressed no button to make this occur; it just happens on its own, I have not been able to intentionally recreate the results with any particular configuration of buttons, and I have tried many.

When I turn the machine off and back on again the effect is gone and the pattern plays normally.

Has anybody else experienced this or have any idea what it could be?

Does it happen on all tracks? Or on some specific machine?

I had a quite similar issue using Static and the original CF the Octa was shipped with. It was a Transcend if I remember right…after a while that CF was toasted. Then replaced for free with a Kingston from Elektron.

I suggest you to buy a really good and big one…I bought a Lexar 800x 64GB.

This way i do not have to worry about swapping in and out the CF with the risk of bending a pin of the reader in the slot…

nothing worse than bent pin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: