hi guys…

here is my settings:

track 1 vangelist

          2 slowsolo

             3 belly2

                 4 sid led-02

kit poly settings

voices 1 2 3 4 all ticked on
allocation unison
use track sounds YES
unison detune 16
unison pan 64

when i press C when track 1 is selected it sounds different to pressing C when track 2 is selected.

sound the same when I press track 3 or track 4, only track 2 sounds differentyl

no arp is set to on anywhere…

why is it different… in my head it should sound the same, no matter what I press (on mini keyboard)

There’s also voice priority settings somewhere… that’s probably why…

thanks for answer----

never noticed that setting, hope to find it soon… thanks bro!

Loading those sounds and settings gives me a different result here: everything sounds the same triggering whatever track.
There might be some modifications you did after creating that unison-kit?
I am really wandering in the fog here…

Can you try to load the Sounds ex-novo?
Just load the sounds - make the Kit poly in unison - try the different tracks
Please report back :wink:


what is that setting about voice priority you’re speaking about?
the only one comes to my mind is RESET-REASSIGN-ROTATE…but they are the other options instead of UNISON

Yeah, that’s what I meant, sorry. Pg 18 and 20-21 of the manual. And you’re correct – it’s in addition to UNISON (RESET, ROTATE, REASSIGN or UNISON).

I imagine that if you’re doing >4 notes that note priority is given to whatever track you start on. Eg. If you’re on track 1, then that will be given priority over track 4 etc. Pg 20-21 illustrates the voice stealing. Not sure if this is what’s happening though – probably not now that i’ve re-read the manual and OPs original question…

Unison combines all four voices for one track only. In other words Unison is monophonic. One note four voices. What the original poster has pointed out is correct. When Unison is selected and all voicing enabled, checking ‘Use Track Sound’ should when focusing Track 1 play only track 1 in unison mode. Track 2, Track 3 and Track 4 the same with respective Track Sounds selected. I too think this is a bug and should be submitted.

found out what is is!

firstly thanks everybody for contributing to my question!

track 4 has the octave setting 2 octaves up … the other tracks are all on the same octave, but not the 4th track

having all tracks on the same octave gives me a unison sound, no matter what i selected …

still I think this should not be like that … never mind :zonked:

Cannot you apply a +12 transpose to only Trk.4.

Then you have the octave you need for that track and you can play the Unison without discrepancies between tracks.

hi sicijk
i did do a transpose to have them all play at the same octave … works like a charme now