Unknown Soldier Compilation - James Stinson Tribute

Yo, doing some detective work for a friend and would appreciate any insights.

James Stinson passed away in 2002.
At some point between then and 2005 I downloaded a collection of 128kbps MP3s from a website that had curated a compilation of tracks in tribute to James, all created by Unknown Soldiers.

This is the only reference to the URL i can find online, i think i came across the website before this post on the drexciyaresearchlab blog (2005), there is no archive on the WayBackMachine.
Most of the MP3s were encoded at the end the 2002.

It’s a great compilation of electro bangers and dwellers.

It may have been linked with Little Detroit/Submerge/Basterdized/ElectroAlliance forums…

If anyone has any further information it would really help out my friend. Who curated it? Artists involved (some have already been identified…)?

But also understand if the Unknown Soldiers want to remain unknown.


now i want to know too !

me too!!!