"Unlinked" tracks

Hi all,
I’m new here and new to OT, but I’ve had the AR for some weeks now, a good way to get into Elektrons IMHO as AR follows the same logic, but it is easier to learn.
Ploughing through the mountain of stuff required to get proficient with OT - thanks all for tutorials and tips and tricks!

I’ve read comments about people loving the “unlinked” tracks, nothing like that in the manual (which I have opened, but don’t read it chapter by chapter).

Any pointers please?


Search for ‘Plays Free’ in the manual

It’s a way to prepare a sequencer track which you must start/stop manually, it is decoupled from the internal transport

There are 8 Trig for the Audio Tracks in Tracks play mode and 8 for MIDI Tracks if there are Tracks set up in either to ‘play free’ - there’s the added possibility to play Audio Tracks at their current settings, i.e. Manually trigging the Machine (or sample as it’s red/labelled under the trigs)

All handy, as is learning to trig Machines manually using Tn (where n is 1-8) (small track trigs next to display) if you want to do things yourself away from the sequencing of those events, including recording

Ultimately, there are no shortcuts with the OT, you have to do the homework and ask/read/watch/try continuously until the concepts stick

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Thanks a lot.
I’m not panicked as yet, going steady and the AR helped a lot to avoid the initial shock. :slight_smile: