Unmute all on DT

Hello! Is there an easy way to unmute/mute all tracks together?
What i normally do is go into in pattern mute mode and hit func+no, but i was wondering if im missing something and is an easier way to do it.

[hold] Function + [tap] Pads/Tracks (then [release] Function when ready) to mute is the way to cue simultaneous un/mutes on the AR

Try that (if even possible given different arrangement) or hit the mutes section of the manual

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AR maybe but in DT you can’t.

DT lacks of “groups” or “cue” mutes, also there’s no shortcut to unmute/mute all. The only way to achieve this is being fast enough pressing pads or using both hands in mute mode to press as many pads as you can :sweat_smile: