Unquantized Drum tracks

Hi, when playing a beat live and unquantized is there a hack to play outside the 16 note time? I know trigs can be used but was hoping just to be able to play live and have it play back the same.
This is a limitation I wish could be addressed
Is there another drum machine that you would recommend ?

I’m not sure what limitation you’re referring to, quantize is off as default, unless you turn quantize “on” (FUNC + TRIG) takes u to the quantize menu. So it should totally be able to play back the same as you played it.

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I mean if I play something outside a 16th note sub division the Digitakt will put it back by default? to a 16th note. Does that make sense?

Yeah you can’t do strummed style notes in the sequencer so depending on the playing style and speed the sequencer notes won’t be exactly like what you played. Playing mono lines though, depending on the speed you play, should sound pretty dead on accurate to what you played. Just experiment for a bit, you’ll see pretty quickly how it goes. The micro division menu has pretty high resolution so it works well!

Oh and make sure track and global quantization are disabled of course!

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you could double your tempo or play the phrase using two voices with the same sound. record the output and play back as a sampled drum phrase

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DT is a step sequencer. Ultimately the number of events is limited to the number of steps. There are workarounds like the existence of retrig to do fast rolls, but you will always have the limitation of it being a step sequencer with a 16 event per page limit. This is not really a Quantization problem more a step sequencer problem.

You probably want something with a more linear sequencing style like an Akai machine.


Perhaps your live recording is in Quantized mode. To check this, when you press and hold Record and press Play, it’ll say Quantized Recording or Unquantized Recording. To switch this state, press and hold Record and double tap Play. Keeping Record pressed lets you press Play to switch again.

See if that helps get things off the grid. But others have stated, you are limited to 16 steps per page. If you need more then you need to adjust the Scale.

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Yeah, Digi is set to unquantized recording both globally and on the track. I have thought about internally sampling the hi hat pattern but that seem like a lot more work.
Thanks for all the replies :pray: