Unusual delay on midi notes via USB?

Hi, im a long time elektron fan and have been using them a long time so im fairly familiar with everything but since i just moved back to PC i’m finding unusual delays when trying to play the synth via midi.

I’m using abelton and have my MDrum sync’d via midi and it needs a 29ms delay in the Preferences, that gets it tight and back in line with Abelton.

Now, the weirdness begins when i try to play the Analog keys via usb for some reason it has a delay of around 50m/s which i dont really understand because anytimes i’ve used usb for midi in the past its been really really tight, does anyone else expericnce this delay or should i be looking into this further, at the moment i have to set an overall delay and then also a delay on each external instrument midi track.

Am i looking into this too hard?