UPCOMING "Roland Boutique SH-101" release?

maybe on the 08.08.2017 we will know more about it.
hope there will be a SH-101 and a 808 Boutique anounced.

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More butchering of their proud legacy. When will it end?


…raises the question of what a useful new synth in the range of 350 to 400 euros should be able to do…
I am a bit bored of all the substractive synths… In a way a polyphonic 0-coast would be fine :slight_smile:
Roland seems to be a bit without inspiration…

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When they have no older legacy product to boutique-ify…
Then we’ll get the super-boutique line of already boutique’d synths.


I’m waiting for them to stuff a V-Synth into one of those things haha


It’s the tiny sliders that get me. The JP08 had such ridiculously tiny slider, it was a joke. They could have at least just used endless rotary encoders. If they do this with a 101 it will destroy any illusion of it actually being a 101 at all. And don’t get me started on ACB and the weird limitations they decided to impose on the polyphony of the boutique synths. Why was the JP-08 even called the JP-08? Shouldn’t it have been called the JP-04 ?

I watched the SE 02 Demo from skinnerbox yesterday…
They mentioned the same there… Everything too tiny… and too cramped…


Also let’s not kid ourselves here, the SE-02 is clearly a Studio Electronics synth. There’s little or no Roland DNA in there at all. I just don’t see why they (Roland) are having such a hard time getting it right.

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Back to the ribbon sliders w/ battery compartment underneath, sacrificing ergonomics.
That’s unfortunate.
Hopefully SE-02 sales will entice Roland to let go of those UX missteps.

This one seems so meh compared to the SE-02.

SE-02 does sound lovely though… tempting…

not sure. the “boutique” form factor emulations were all based on polyphonic synths so far. since this one is obviously monophonic maybe they are actually squeezing an analog remake in there like they did with the SE-02.

tb-03 isnt based on a polyphonic synth. it would have been cheaper to make a analog 303 clone than sh-101.

Probably mentioned already but the fact that it has the ribbon sliders and battery compartment seems to be a hint that this’ll be digital. the sh-02 had to sacrifice those for the analog circuitry.


Fader throw doesn’t look too short.
At least JU-06 length.

I hope it has CV inputs.
Patch memory would be huge (vs the original), and expected as it’s probably plug out derived.

For $299, could be a solid AK appendage.
Will it come in all 3(?) original colors?

Personally I think its great. My friend just getting back into music the other day said ‘I wish I could get a 303’. Guess what, he can now for ~$300. Or a 101. or a 909. That’s living the dream!

Yea the sliders and knobs are small but that’s cause the boxes themselves are tiny - just a design decision. If you want the larger size you go for the larger unit tr-8 / system-1 whatever.

I think it’s cool they are releasing these things as standalone units, and apparently in limited factor so they aren’t killing the company doing it, and they can re-use the software later in other boxes.

I personally don’t think they’ll ever re-release a ‘classic’ machine as analog because getting it to sound right with modern components would be a nightmare. There is just no pleasing everyone.


Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the 101 already exists as ACB plug out for the System 1?

So this newest synth, if it is indeed a 101 is simply a tiny case to house some software they developed two years ago.



Yes exactly. The assumption is it’s a standalone version of the 101 model, like the tr-09 is a standalone version of the 909 from the tr-8.


I believe the TR-09 also includes many features not included in the TR8.

What about the whole mod grip and guitar strap legacy of the 101 ?

Not even considered worth of revival by the looks of it. Disposable almost.

true, not necessarily a bad thing though. an sh-01 will be cheaper, smaller, prettier and more streamlined than a system 1. if you’re desperate for the 101 sound there aren’t really any other clones out there in hardware land.