Update Syntakt from iPad?

I’ve seen instructions and guidance on updating devices from Android, but not iPad OS or iOS. Is it possible?

just speculating:
OS is a SysEx file, so in theory should be possible with an app capable of sendidng SysEx.
once it’s received, Syntakt will ask should it perform the upgrade.
so, likely possible.

Use it all the time to update hardware w/ sysex files.


Interesting! Have you used Sussex Base to update an Elektron on IOS?

its what i use to manage and update my machinedrum. no turbo midi, but how often are you updating an complete OS?

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Was planning on updating my ST to OS1.2 but I’m currently on IOS only. So I wouldn’t use it often.

Good to read you’ve been able to use it for the MD without bricking it.

Hmmm how does it work to update this way?