Updated SKINS resources?

Need a black skin/faceplate for an OTMKII. I didn’t like StypeFlip. CremeCafe seems to not have OT anymore. What else is there before I just spray paint the damn thing?

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email cremecafe before you give up, they might print you one at a premium. I almost guarantee elektron sweden would sell you a black faceplate but that would also be at a premium through a support ticket order.

I reached out to both! We’ll see!


Did you ever hear back from cremecaffe? I reached out last fall and he said he’d have them back in soon.
I just wrote again too


Has anyone bought one from elektron and can tell me the price?

Would like a black faceplate for mine also

They won’t sell them to ya.

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Ah ok

Ya. They’ll only sell the replacement color you already have. Trust me, I’ve tried.

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