Upgrading firmware of MK1

I am trying to upgrade my MK1 Octa, AR and A4

none of the gears ( I am trying them one gear at a time of course)
appear under the midi out option of C6 for transferring.
I am using the official Elektron USB
However, I was able to upgrade DT without a problem.

Thank you


OT doesn’t have USB MIDI - C6 doesn’t work with devices in OB mode btw - only USB-MIDI

The firmwares all come with detailed instructions


Thank you

Is there anyone with time to explain to me what avantronica said about to not using midi usb?

the manual for the firmware states nothing about type of cable to use…I am using the elektron usb cable from the Mac to the Mk1 and none of the gears ( OT, A4, AR) appear on the midi out box.) OB engine is turn off.
Thank you

### Upgrading from the Early Startup Menu

**** Hold down the FUNCTION MKI / FUNC MKII key while powering on. This should take you to the Analog Rytm boot menu.***
**** Enter the OS Upgrade mode by pressing the TRIG 4 key.***
**** Send the SysEx firmware file to the Analog Rytm.***

During the transfer a bar in the display shows the progress.

After the transfer the trig LED’s light up showing flash reprogramming progress and when the update is done the unit restarts itself, booting the new OS.

After some upgrades the bootstrap is also upgraded, this upgrade is performed right after the first restart of the Analog Rytm, do not turn the power off during the upgrade.

Downgrading is generally not recommended as user data may be lost and SysEx backups may not be compatible.

Please report any bugs you may find using support found at https://www.elektron.se/customer/tickets/ You need a customer account to log in.

For Octatrack put the update on root of CF card.

For A4 and AR in their midi settings make sure midi in and midi out are set to USB, once this is done connect them to your computer (one at a time) and they should show up in C6.


will do

should I change the usb configuration to midi USB because the default was set at OB mode

i never update from teh early startup menu - always after the device boots - i think it’s safer as there’s more scope to brick it via the startup menu way afaik


I am setting it from the setup page not from the function restart mode…I have turned off OB mode to Midi -usb mode…as you had already suggested. This is my first time upgrade and didn’t know there was a usb configuration. I found it after I replied the second time. thank you. I am nota tech person what seems logical to you is like hitting a brick wall to me. I know I have to try to understand and ask with out pride. Next time I will help someone as you have. appreciate you guys. I am going to go and try again.

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and @darenager

AR is up and running and configured A4 same way

I feel like I graduated from elektron Kintergarden academy and you are the high schoolers

thank you.

PS. im going to spare you the whole uploading from a disk “root” thing for OT. I will search if there is a 'tutorial" for it…I understand the root in term of hierarchy of file…navigation is where the challenge is.

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The root of the CF is just the top level - ie not in any folder.


even that I dont get it right…but learning. appreciate. thank you