US - FS: Monomachine MK II + Drive, Midifighter Twister, Roli Live and Loop, Plus guitar effects

VA - 23452
Paypal Only
Trades? - Looking for a Strymon Magneto :smiley:
Buy it at price listed will ship in lower 48 US for free.
There are a couple reverb links because i don’t have the pics on my pc. rest are located in the dropbox link.

$975.00 Monomachine MK II + w/ Box and Manual (updated to latest OS) Tiny scratch on screen (see pics)
Pics here (my listing) -

$185.00 DJ TechTools - Midifighter Twister (white) - Original Owner
$70.00 Roli Loop Block - Original Owner
$70.00 Roli Live Block - Original Owner
$460.00 Strymon Big Sky - Original Owner comes with adapter
$360.00 Hologram Electronics Dream Sequence - Original Owner (please note does not come with adapter, HE does not include adapters with their pedals.)
$165.00 EQD Afterneath Reverb
$165.00 EQD Space Spiral Delay
$170.00 Ultimate Support Apex AX 48 Pro (silver) two tier stand

$365.00 JBL LSR 4328P (pair) - original owner fully working - one has a tear in the woofer (see pics)
Pics here (my reverb listing)

SOLD Circuit Mono Station Original Owner
$640.00 T-Rex Replicator w/ box, leather case, paperwork, 4 Tapes (one in machine, one unboxed, two mint in box)

I have 6 Ammoon AM 228 Micro Mixers $20 each or all 6 for $100 shipped.

Pics of everything here

Amazing price on the Novation Mono Station! (unless you mean Novation Circuit?)

it’s the mono station and it did just sell so i guess it was a good price.