USB Audio Connection - Cubase 10.5 (Windows)

Hi folks - I’m trying to record Audio over USB into Cubase, but the Cycles doesn’t appear as an option for audio under Studio Setup/VST Audio System. It defaults to the generic ASIO drivers. I don’t have any other audio interfaces connected.

The Cycles appears in my Windows audio devices - I can select the Cycles and record into Audacity. I can also select the Cycles and transfer data in the Elektron Transfer 1.4 app.

Cycles is running OS 1.13
Cubase LE is 10.5.20

All advice welcome.

Aha! I did a bit more searching and discovered that ASIO4ALL works - which it does. Not optimum, but it might help if I decide to use multiple interfaces anyway…

Cubase has it’s own ASIO driver which should be in audio settings. Shouldn’t need to resort to ASIO4ALL. I’ve seen a few folk experiencing issues with the USB audio DAW set up so I should probably pull the audio cables and try it with FLStudio and/or Sonar. I’ve been using an XR air 18 as audio interface with fx without the PC but Im ready to record a track or two so I will check how the USB Cycles driver goes. Windows 10?

The generic ASIO driver (which I assume is the Cubase one) didn’t work, which is why I resorted to ASIO4ALL - based on a post I found where someone had a similar problem with FL. I have the XR18 as well which works fine but doesn’t leave my rack. I just wanted a single cable solution (plus headphones) for travelling with my Windows10 laptop.

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Yeah, I tried using my Focusrite ASIO driver a while back which didn’t work but I assumed it was the audio cards drivers which are prone to misbehaving. FL Studio 20.9 RC1 has just been released. I might install ASIO4ALL and give it a trial with the XR18.